FPZA Newsletter Overview

The Overview is a quarterly publication of FPZA for its 500+ members.  The Overview is distributed as a PDF via email and publication dates are as follow:

  • Winter: February
  • Spring: May
  • Summer: August
  • Fall: November



BUSINESS CARD AD: 4 issues $100 or $50/issue

QUARTER-PAGE AD: 4 issues $150 or $75/issue

HALF-PAGE AD: 4 issues $250 or $125/issue

FULL-PAGE AD: 4 issues $500 or $250/issue

CLASSIFIED ADS: Job ads, positions wanted, RFPs – First 50 words: FPZA members free, non-members $15; 76-100 words: $25; each additional 20 words above 100: $5. Ad copy should include position, title, location, responsibilities, special requirements, deadlines (where applicable), and, where possible, salary. Editing of job ads for space and format is the prerogative of the Overview.

CLICK HERE for sample ad sizes and more information

View the FPZA newsletter by following this link: The Overview