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Reasons To Join FPZA

It Pays to Belong to FPZA

1. First, as a professional planning organization, we are different from the other planning associations.  FPZA does not traditionally lobby as an organization and instead opts to educate the membership about various key issues.

2. Second, FPZA membership is very diverse.  It includes not just planners and zoning officers, but also property owners, developers, engineers, private and public lawyers, landscape architects, appointed and elected officials, lay persons, businesses and administrators (for example, look at the list of officers and directors).  Because of this broad range of interest, FPZA generally does not take a formal position on a particular issue.  However, where there is consensus, we will develop a collaborative effort to affect change accordingly.  Many times in the past, we have worked with the Legislature to help reach a consensus between different interest groups.  The cornerstone of FPZA is its ability to build partnerships for a better Florida.

3. Third, for the amount of dues you pay (average $50 – $65) to FPZA versus other professional memberships (some as much as 800 percent more), you get your money’s worth.  It pays to belong to FPZA.  The Florida Planning and Zoning Association operates efficiently and has proven effective in developing networks and partnerships, informing the public, assisting college and high school students understand government, and lending a helpful hand where needed. So, if you know someone who might be interested in FPZA, bring them to your next local chapter meeting and ask them to join.

How To Join FPZA

FPZA members are required to affiliate with a Local Chapter in addition to joining the State Association. Please view our Chapter Map or visit each Chapter’s page.

To join the Florida Planning and Zoning Association, identify a Chapter containing your location on the Local Chapters Map. If you are not in an area with a local Chapter, then choose the closest one. Annual Dues to be included with the application form are for both the State and Local Chapter participation.

Refer to the current Chart of Chapter Dues to determine the appropriate dues amount. These amounts include both State and Local Dues.

Complete the Membership Application and return it with the appropriate dues.

For more details about FPZA Membership, see also:

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For additional information, please contact the State Office at: (407) 895-2654